Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teaching Questions

Is it possible to describe the feeling when a class you teach makes you proud?
Am I of weak character if I cry in front of a class?
I wonder how many teacher's have students say "hello" to them in the yard?
Is it okay to wonder if you've made the right career choice?
Am I the only one who can see inept colleagues?
I often wonder what it would be like to sit in one of my classes as a student.

What do other teachers question?


  1. Q1: Impossible..
    Q2: Not weak, strong enough to be vulnerable.
    Q3: Some of mine do. Yay!
    Q4: Yes.
    Q5: No, not the only one and definitely not the only one who hopes their ineptitude doesn't damage a student forever.
    Q6: Me too.

  2. Please don't let #5 be about your visit to my extra :)

    I often question why people became teachers in the first place, as some don't seem to care if they make a difference or not :(

  3. awesome answers ladies! haha chris that question was definitely not directed at you. hehehe. those kids were feral! Teaching can be bi-polar-like. If that makes sense.

  4. teaching can be fun to students who love you!
    nothing like a teacher- taught relationship!
    being a Professor since 38 years, I realise how much it means to a teacher!